John Ross Barnard Silver Salver Award 2015
John Ross Barnard Silver Salver Award 2015

In January this year I was awarded the John Ross Barnard Silver Salver by the TCC for my articles on the production of my documentary on the Trade Test Colour Films. This was presented to me by JRB himself in April this year at the TCC Annual Conference where the documentary was later premiered for the conference participants. I'm working on towards an online release of the documentary later this year.

.................About me...Mike O'Donoghue
I'm a lecturer and researcher with a special interest in video and video production in education. It's almost 20 years since my first live satellite broadcast and I've continued to present and produce video, and to study, teach and speak on this area since. Samples of my recent work are available from this page. If you'd like more information about my work or research please contact me via the email addresses below.


Producing video for teaching and learning
Producing Video for Teaching & Learning - published by Routledge, 2013. The book provides a framework for the development of video resources focusing on attaining learning objectives and user /viewer engagement. Includes interviews with established broadcasters in the field and offers guidance on approaches to video production activities with student groups.

Certified member ISTCI am a Certified Member of the Institute of Scientific & Technical Communicators.


OBS (band)OBS, Guide Bridge Theatre

I'm in band called Old Blokes Shouting who cover pretty much everything. Current scheduled performances in 2015 include:

Rawtenstall, Lancs. June. We'll be performing a 'swing set' and a 60s set .

Chipping, Lancs. September. The annual Late Summer Party event; a wide array of songs from 8pm until midnight.

Interview image Academic video interviews:

Murray Goldberg (Jan 2016)

Prof. Les Ebdon (April 2014)

Prof. Richard E. Mayer (November 2011)

Prof. Mel Ainscow (July 2011)

Prof. Yvette Solomon (February 2011)

Etienne Wenger (Nov 2010)

Prof. Tony Bates (Nov 2006)

Prof. Murray Saunders (June 2006)

Prof. Lucy Suchman (Dec 2002)

Prof. Yrjo Engestrom (Jan 2002)

BERA keynote speaker video interviews:

Sept 2011 - Prof. Simon Marginson, Baroness O'Neill. Prof. Mary James

Sept 2010 - Prof. John Gardner , Prof. Louise Morley,

Prof. Anne Phoenix, Tom Schuller

Sept 2009 - Prof. Pamela Munn,

Prof. Ann Lieberman, Dr. Felice Levine

AERA 2012 selected speaker video interviews

BJET 2012: Nick Rushby, Diana Laurillard, Colin Latchem, Jill Jamesone

Production image Videos resources:

EVP 2012 course teaser (October 2011)

Diverse Live! broadcasts (Dublin, June 2011)

Spotlight on Podcasting (Oct 2009)

SoE PG interviews (English, Dec 2010)

SoE PG interviews (Chinese, Dec 2010)

EVP course resources (March 2010)

Higher Education 2002 (2002)

The Online Professor (Proof of Concept, 2008)

Writing image Recent papers

O'Donoghue, M (2013) Legacy of the Trade Test Colour films and the Test Card Age, TCC magazine, no. 92, issue 3, 2013, pp 55-57.

O'Donoghue, M (2013) Producing video for teaching and learning, Routledge NY.

ODonoghue, M. (2013). Educational video: A literature based educational thinking tool for student and teacher production. In . Jan Herrington et al. (Eds.), Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2013 (pp. 902-909). Chesapeake, VA: AACE. Retrieved November 4, 2013 from

O'Donoghue, M (2013) 'Exploiting video for teaching and learning', Winning Main Conference Poster Award, BERA conference, University of Manchester

O'Donoghue, M. (2011) Diverse Live! The Survivor's Guide to a Week in Video & Broadcast Production, copies available on request.

O'Donoghue, M. (2011) Designing Video for Teaching and Learning -Paper presented at the 11th international DIVERSE conference on visual learning, DCU. Dublin, 28-June 2011.

O’Donoghue, M. & Cochrane , T. (2010) The role of live video capture production in the development of student communication skills,Learning, Media and Technology, V35 (3), pp 323-335.

O’Donoghue, M. & O’Steen, B. (2009). Re-calibrating the professor’s compass: Exploring academic career development strategies from the adult learner perspective. Journal of Adult Learning Aotearoa New Zealand, Vol 37 (2), 57-72.

ODonoghue, M., Jardine, R. & Rubner, G. (2010). Developing a hierarchy of clicker use for teaching and learning from models of dialogue analysis. In Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2010, pp. 2105-2114, Chesapeake, VA: AACE.








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NB: 239 Productions is not a video production company or broadcaster, nor does it undertake video production work or trade as a company. The materials featured on this site originate from research and academic videography. The name 239 originates from a tertiary education course where students learnt to produce video for educational purposes.